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Bank account abroad / in a foreign bank

Bank account abroad in a foreign bank


We offer the services of opening bank account in Dubai, UAE as well as in other banks abroad. The availability of an account abroad provides diversification of risks, assets protection as well as the speed and convenience of payments settlement with foreign business partners.





In which countries it is possible to open a bank account over us

Countries in which we can help you to with account opening

• Austria
• Latvia
• Liechtenstein
• United Arab Emirates
• Singapore
• Switzerland

Within the bank account opening we provide the following services:

• Selection of the bank which fits your requirements.
• Preparing the documents for account opening.
o In the case of account opening for a company - preparing the documents, required from the company. If necessary, we also provide the registration of the company – in UAE or abroad.
o In the case of opening of a private account - preparing of the necessary documents required from you.
• Preparing your file for submission to the banker.
• Signing the documents for account opening and forwarding such to the bank.
• Opening of the account.
• If necessary - further support within your work with the bank.

How to open an account in a foreign bank?

Clearly, you can carry out the work yourself means contact a number of foreign banks, visit the pre-selected ones personally, and then, finally, select the one and open your personal or company account it in. In such a case you would need significant time and money spent to select and visit banks and prepare all documents required for opening the account in the bank you have selected.

The second option - to request a company which professionally handles such issue on the day-to-day basis for a number of different customers and can get it done for you in a fast and efficient way.

How to choose a bank?

When choosing a bank it is important to pay attention to the following aspects:

• Type of the bank - commercial, investment, etc.
• Bank reliability.
• Bank fees /charges.
• Matching of your requirements to the profile of the bank.
• The requirement of the personal visit to open the account.
• The swiftness of transfers – may be especially crucial for trading companies.
• For trading companies - the possibility to have the necessary banking services for trading companies – LC, Factoring, trade finance, etc.
• For large private investors –the availability in the bank of the investment / asset management department.
• Additional services of the bank - credit and debit cards, possibility to trade with securities, availability of deposit box, etc.

How to manage the account abroad

Almost all banks offer online banking, thus you can check the balance of the account and manage the money in the bank from anywhere in the world. In addition, there is a possibility, in case you do not have access to the internet and need to make urgent payment, to make payments via fax. At the same time, to provide additional security to payments made by fax, you must also provide verbal confirmation or confirmation code over the phone to confirm the transaction – the exact procedure depends on bank.

What else should you know when opening a bank account abroad.

Each bank has its own specifics. Requirements for the minimum balance on the account. How fast the payments are done. Time Zone. The costs of the services. The presence or absence of the personal account manager. If it is trading, investment or private banking. It is necessary to choose the right one from the start.

Our fees for account opening

Our fees for opening an account is from USD 650, - up to USD 1.200, - depending on the bank.

Do I have to come to open an account

Requirements for personal visit depend on the bank. In general, almost all banks require the personal visit or a meeting with a representative of the bank abroad. However, if you open an account through a professional company, some of the banks, under particular contracts with such professional companies, provide the possibility to open accounts without personal visit, subject to verification of customer documents by such companies and client's introduction to the bank by such company.

For details please see "open an account in a foreign bank without a visit".

Time required to open an account abroad.

The time required to open a bank account depends on the two main aspects

• The usual practice of the bank - each bank has its own specifics and the account opening may take from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks.

• How good the documents for the account opening are prepared and if such are complete.

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