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  • No tax, no audit report;
  • Ideal for international
  • Very cost-effective.
  • Tax exemption;
  • Business in UAE and abroad;
  • Possible to receive residency.
  • Entirely local company;
  • Easy access to local markets;
  • Different licenses possible.
Opening company or business in UAE

Opening business in Dubai - New opportunities and perspectives for business development

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Company registration in Dubai, UAE

from USD 2.200,-

* The cost of company set up depends on company’s type, business activity and number of visas

What are the advantages of offshore company

An effective and inexpensive solution for doing international business in UAE with a tax rate of 0%. 100% foreign ownership. The account opening can be done in one of the local banks. The registration takes literally a couple of working days.

The advantages of onshore company in FTZ

It can do business inside and outside of UAE. It is exempt from taxes in UAE. If necessary, it can have a real office and business in UAE. 100% foreign ownership is allowed. Company’s owners can get residency visas through the company.

The opportunities of LLC company in Dubai

Local company. Access to the local internal market of UAE. The opportunity to open any type of business in UAE, whereby the sales of goods and services provision are on the main territory of UAE.

What are advantages to open a business in the UAE?

Opening a business in the UAE offers new opportunities and extensive prospects for development.

First, the United Arab Emirates are marked by economically advantageous location. The country is located between Asia and Europe and has extremely good and convenient connections to all major airports. It is very easy to get to Hong Kong, London, Moscow and other major business cities from the UAE. In addition, the UAE is a very business friendly location for worldwide operations and delivery of goods.

Second, taxation system and laws in the UAE are extremely friendly and favorable for foreign businessmen and investors. Free Trade Zones here allow to establish production with direct access to both air and sea communications. Developed infrastructure, tax free status (income tax, value added tax, personal income tax) create conditions for successful business in Dubai.

Third, the currency of the United Arab Emirates - Dirhams – is known for its stability. Its exchange rate is fixed to the exchange rate of US dollar. And, as the bureaucracy level is very low, practically any business matters are resolved fast and straightforward. There are no restriction in this country for transfer of profit, currency exchange and capital movements. In addition, it is one of the safest countries in the world, since criminal rate is almost zero.

Which type of company to open in Dubai?

There are three types of form of business in the UAE which are possible to open:

  • Offshore company. The options for using an offshore company are rather broad. Such company may conduct practically any business, hold shares of other companies, purchase properties and open bank accounts in the UAE. Foreign ownership may constitute 100%. In addition, offshore company is fully exempt from taxes, and its registration takes from 3 to 5 days.
  • Onshore company. Onshore is the best option if you plan to do business both abroad and in the United Arab Emirates. Obvious advantage of registering a business in the form of onshore company include 100% foreign ownership, possibility to receive residence permit, tax free status and possibility of opening real office in the UAE.
  • Local company (Limited Liability Company). Local company (Limited Liability Company). Incorporation of local company makes sense if your business is focused on trade, local services, restaurant business or any other activities related to working with retail customers. One of the advantages of LLC is that it allows to conduct practically any business, participate in official tenders and access to local market.

Our company provides full range of services relating to incorporation of companies in the UAE, including provision of advice and complete support. We help you to open your business in Dubai and other cities in the United Arab Emirates without any red tape and trouble. If you get in touch with to us, you will become the owner of private company in the UAE within 3-5 days.

Our fees for companies incorporation are the most reasonable since our office is located in Dubai. Another advantage of working with us is that we assure the confidentiality of registration procedure at each stage. For any inquiries and requests please get in touch with us and we will help you to open a company in the UAE quickly and at the best price!


Opening companies and bank accounts. A residence permit in Dubai, UAE

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