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Offshore Company Registered Agent | Helpful Definitions

Offshore companies in all jurisdictions require the appointment of the Registered Agent – the company which shall be duly registered and licensed as the Registered Agent. The Registered agent provides the services of the offshore companies incorporation and administration. Once the company is registered, any further renewals, changes or amendments to the company documents shall be done over the company's registered agent only. As according to the regulations of most of the countries, the Registered Agent shall be duly qualified, must have the office in the country of offshore companies incorporation as well as have property qualified staff.
The role and duty of the offshore company Registered Agent – to provide the services of incorporation of the offshore companies to the end-customers and professional intermediaries as well as to execute the required due-diligence of the customer's documents. Effectively the offshore companies registry does not work with the end-customers at all. It only executes the respective filing of the main company's incorporation documents whereby communication with the customers, preparation of the company's memorandum and articles and all amendments to it is done solely by the Registered Agent.
According to the UAE legislation same applies to the offshore company in UAE means all offshore companies in Dubai and other Emirates of the United Arab Emirates must be registered over the duly certified and licensed Registered Agent.
Our company is the registered agent for RAK IBC and RAKIA offshore companies in UAE. If you need to register the new Offshore Company in UAE or transfer your existing company for its further administration to us please send us your ONLINE REQUEST.