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Getting residency visas for 3 years with renewal through registering your own company5 steps to obtain a residence visa UAE

  Company registration in 2-3 days.

  Getting residency visa in around 2-3 weeks.

Main information

  • Comfort and safety of your life and the lives of your closest and your children
  • International schools and universities for your children’s education
  • No income tax for UAE residents
  • A company registered to get residency visa does not necessitate a business activity
  • New perspectives for your business and your presence in Dubai mean always new opportunities
  • You can use the company for real business
  • Most business activities are exempt from taxation

The cost of company for getting residency visas is from USD 8.700,-

including all expenses and registration support

What documents are required to get the residency visa

  • Passport copy
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates for children

Additional documents upon request

Obtaining resident visa through registration of onshore company in Dubai, the UAE

If you would like to live or do business in Dubai, you will need residence visa. It differs from other types of visas in the UAE - it is issued for 3 years with the possibility of its extension. This type of visa provides a number of privileges, namely:

  • Tax exemption;
  • Safety and comfort of residence for you and your family;
  • Broad possibilities for children education (large selection of international schools and universities);
  • Prospects of business development;
  • Possibility of obtaining visas for family members;

If you plan to operate your own business or if you just need visa for you and your family, the fastest option for you is to open onshore company in the UAE. The advantage of this way of obtaining visa is that such company is not obliged to perform real business. The validity period of residence visa obtained through the company is 2 - 3 years, depending on the type of company. Visa can be obtained within just a few weeks.

How to get visa in the UAE by registering an onshore company?

The procedure for obtaining residence visa in Dubai through registration of onshore company is as follows:

  • First you send us a request enclosing copies of your passports, marriage certificates, children's birth certificates (in some cases additional documents may be required).
  • Then our experts will prepare all necessary documents and register on your name an onshore company. Incorporation of onshore company itself takes 2-3 days.

Thus, if you refer for assistance to us you can get resident visa for yourself, your family members within just a couple of weeks. Take first step towards a new life and successful business - send your online request or contact us over phone!


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