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Offshore Company Documents Certification | Helpful Definitions

Apostille is the international certification of the documents. United Arab Emirates did not sign the international agreement 'Hague agreement for abolishing the need for public documents" on documents certification (Apostille).
Thus, in order to certify the corporate documents of offshore or onshore company or any other documents, issued outside of UAE such documents shall certified in the country of issuance, then by the UAE Consulate and then – by the ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE.
Same applies you require to certify the documents of offshore and onshore companies, issued in UAE, for the other country – documents shall be certified in the UAE, then in the Consulate of the country for which such certification is required.
If you need to register the company in the UAE and then certify / legalize the company documents for abroad or set up the branch of the foreign company in UAE thus require company formation services and documents certification please CONTACT US