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Dubai Offshore Company

Dubai Offshore Company is the effective corporate solution. The reasons to register such company are as follows:

• The Dubai Offshore Company is tax-free.
• The registry of shareholders and directors is not public.
• Time for registration of Dubai offshore company is quite short.
• The Offshore Company in Dubai has good image for your business partners.

The are two possible meanings for the Dubai Offshore company:

1. The offshore company in UAE which is registered in one of the Free Trade Zones of Dubai. Such company is rather expensive and requires the yearly audit.

1. The offshore company in UAE which is registered in the Emirate outside of Dubai (Emirate Ras Al Khaimah). Such company is noticeably cheaper than the first type and does not required any audit. Such company is much more commonly used and is often referred to as the Dubai offshore company. This happens due to the reason that the registered address of such offshore company is the address of the registered agent of the company and, if the registered agent is located in Dubai (like us) the registered address of such company would be Dubai.

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