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FTZ UAE, company set up / incorporation | Helpful Definitions

FTZ - Free Trade Zone - applies to certain areas in the UAE which have the special status of the Free Trade Zones.

In total UAE has more than 30 FTZ, whereby each of such free zone haы some certain specifics. All the UAE FTZ main common characteristics is the fact that the company in any of the FTZ can be incorporated with the 100% foreign ownership and is taxed at 0% tax rate.

The significant number of companies being incorporated in the UAE are set up in the FTZ.

Various Free Trade Zones of UAE permit various types of licenses, have different requirements for different companies and possess different infrastructure (some of them have port or airport some have special storage or production facilities, etc.), for this reason the company set up in UAE shall be done in the properly chosen FTZ which fits the company activities and requirements.

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