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Nominee Director for Offshore Company, UAE | Helpful Definitions

Nominee director for offshore company in UAE – definition
The nominee director is the term referred to the physical person or legal entity who is appointed by the company shareholder as the non-executive director of the company and who acts only on instructions of the company beneficial owner. Nominee director is the solution which is commonly used within registration of the international offshore company and, in some circumstances, for onshore company as well. The nominee director, once appointed, signs the declaration that he acts as nominee only and represents the interests of the beneficial shareholder. Typically the nominee director resides in the country being different from the country of the offshore company's registration. As a rule, nominee director provides general or special power of attorney to the company's beneficial owner or its representative and do not influence the day-to-day business activities of the offshore company and do not have the access to the company bank accounts.
Nominee director can be appointed within registration of the UAE offshore compayny, . (link to N2) whereby such nomination, under consideration of some specifics of the UAE laws and regulations, shall be executed with due caution. This is due to the fact that there are no clear regulations in UAE on nominee directors for offshore company in Dubai. (Link to N 17)

If you need to register the new offshore or onshore company in the UAE with a nominee director send us your request.

We also, in addition to the companies in the UAE, register offshore companies with full nominee service (shareholder and director) in other international offshore jurisdictions. If you truly need the offshore company with nominee shareholder Link to N 4) and director, and you are not restricted to the UAE when choosing the country of registration of the company, we can also register for you such offshore company in other jurisdictions in which the nominee service is clearly regulated by law.