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Change offshore company registered Agent | Helpful Definitions

Change offshore company registered Agent
Each Offshore Company in UAE must have the registered agent. If you need to change the registered agent you shall contact the new registered agent where you wish to transfer your company to, then the new registered agent would prepare all the necessary paperwork to transfer your offshore company to such new agent.
Once your offshore company in UAE is transferred to the new registered agent all the company administration is done for you by such new registered agent. The companies transfer to the new registered agent is quite simple procedure with minimum costs and time requirements from your side provided the existing registered agent agrees on such transfer. As the rule, in accordance with the UAE offshore companies services industry standards, the existing registered agent regularly provides such consent to the transfer to the new company registration agent.
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Our company is the registered agent for RAK IBC and RAKIA offshore companies in UAE. If you need to register the new Offshore Company in UAE or transfer your existing company to us please contact us or send your ONLINE REQUEST.