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Registered Agent for Offshore Companies RAK (RAK FTZ), UAE | Helpful Definitions

The offshore company, registered in the Free Zone in the Emirates Ras Al Khaimah (RAK FTZ), UAE, must have the registered agent. The role of the offshore company registered agent is to act as the professional intermediary in between the RAK Free Zone (RAKFTZ) companies' registry and the customer.

The customer can not get in touch with the companies registry and register such RAK Free Zone offshore company himself – he must refer to the company having the status of the registered agent with the companies registry.

To acquire such status the registered agent must possess the respective professional background and experience and make sure to comply on the daily basis with all the requirements of the registered agent to hold such status.

When registering the offshore company it is much more convenient and efficient to register such company over the registered agent – the company registration would be done directly in the free zone registry without any intermediary company and the price for the incorporation is better than of the service providers not having such status.

We have the status of the registered agent for RAK Free Zone (RAK FTZ, UAE) companies and register such company for you in the fast and cost-efficient approach directly in the offshore companies registry.

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Please contact us or send us your online request and we would execute the company incorporation in the fast and efficient way. In urgent cases we can register such company within 24 hours.